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" A self ... You left a million dollar painting in self-storage?" Her voice was a mixture of shock, outrage, and I think the last was fear. "Are you i...sane!?" It depends on whom you ask," I answered. "According to my therapist, I'm just horribly misunderstood. So can you get the van, or do I need to rent something? Is there any kind of special padding I should get? I wonder if it would fit in my trunk?"I had the odd feeling in my head that Jamie's sides were hurting and tears were running down. It took me a moment, but I relaxed and started kissing her back with the same passion while running my own hands across her body and slightly larger ass. The feeling and emotion running through me made the rest of the world slip away.I don’t know how long we were at it, as time seemed to fall away, but Seline finally pulled away and smiled at me, “Later, ma chérie.”Seline looped her arm in mine and started pulling me around the room. She would carry on conversations and be very good at pulling. I couldn’t spot him. Did he leave already? Why would he only show up before the game and then leave? Could he still be here? I waited until half time to find out. When half time does come, I strut out to the field. I hope that Mr. Blackbrook is watching. From the field I look for him once more. I was a little surprised to see him standing at the front rail of the bleachers. His eyes were only for me. Or at least that’s what it felt like to me. My heart beats faster and I start to get nervous. I. "That would be two late-nights in a row. I'd hate myself in the morning. But on game night, yes, please! I'd love to go with you!" That's great. The only thing is, you'll probably have to leave work early Tuesday. I've got to be down there long before game time." I don't ask for much, down at work," Alice said. "I can give myself the afternoon off. How about picking me up at the hospital?... Any time you say."We agreed on 2:30 p.m. Tuesday.I clubbed eight homers in the first round of the home.

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