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I did as he asked. I could feel him stretching thehairpiece he had told me about over my hair patch followed by an infinitenumber of hairpins to insur... it was securely attached. After about anhour of an incredible amount of teasing and combing and spraying, Sammyfinally pointed my chair back to the mirror and told me I could now openmy eyes. As I opened my thick-lashed eyes I was flabbergasted - I was nowa platinum blonde. Sammy had in essence created what seemed like aninfinite number of. Soon they had to get back to town and she sucked his cock most of the way as he fingered her ass or cunt. A mile from town she put on her clothes except for the thong that he now had in his pocket. Before he dropped her off they made plans to meet the next day and go to his cabin and have a sex filled afternoon just the two of them. He gave her a kiss good bye and slipped his finger in the leg of her short shorts and finger fucked her cunt as he tongue kissed her.They then fucked several times. .. Sort of ... It's complicated." Jamie told him. "What about you? I'm sure someone like you has a girlfriend." She blurted out, then told herself she was stupid for doing so. "I'm actually single." Lucas told her. "Oh. I see." Jamie said, and moved away a little. Inside though, she felt the little bit of excitement after hearing that Lucas was single. All of the sudden, her thoughts flowed to the thought of having Lucas' hands running through her hair, as she wrapped her lips around his hard. ." Janice paused for a second. "You know, because, well ... this all happened all of a sudden and for no reason ... and what if I keep changing? I mean, where will it all end?" What do you mean, 'where will it all end'? All you've done is to dress up a bit. I mean, you still look professional, to my eyes. Are you worried that you'll start dressing even more provocatively?" No, it's not that..." Well, what is it, then?"Janice hesitated. My god, how she wanted to talk with someone about Paul. But.

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