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I have a duplex apartment overlooking Green Park.”“Very impressive.”“Heinrich – he was my third – left it to me in his Will. And where are...you now, Nicholas?”“Buried in the Black Mountains of Wales – where time stood still in the 1950s. I try to write books.”“Single and all alone like me?” I could see all too clearly where this lunchtime seduction was headed. Should I slam on the brakes now, or stay on board for a bumpy ride? I fluttered my hand, indicating I had no special commitments. She. Some even had hard cocks sticking straight out, and I'm guessing that most of the hard ones were between eight and eleven inches long, and probably seven inches in circumference. They also had large balls that hung heavily in the sack, and I could feel my pussy getting wet just watching them.I just couldn't get over how thick those cocks were and how heavy they looked. It was also interesting watching them walk away, seeing their balls and cocks swinging between their legs from behind, and. The most wonderful smell I have ever smelled. To this day it's hard to explain or understand but I couldn't get enough of smelling her breath and it wasn't from her mouth it was the air she was expelling through her nostrils. Whatever it was I couldn't get enough of it and would always find an excuse to be near her whether at her desk or mine. (Yes, of course I hired her...duh) I couldn't figure this out I thought I was crazy, who falls for someone because the smell of their breath or maybe. The doc touched the junction of her thighs, rubbing and massaging her thighs. His nimble fingers drummed her inner thighs making her thighs tremble. He caressed her soft inner thighs and her calves and enjoyed their softness and suppleness. He touched the taboo point of a woman where both her thighs joined.The doc loved my pretty wife’s long legs and her supple and full thighs and calves. The doc remarked that they are the most beautiful female thighs he has ever seen. He remarked fucking her.

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