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He was blindfolded and he couldn't see. But he was actually inside a hidden lair that only one person know. And worst of that, the lair was in the mid...le of the forest, the deepest part where no one would hear his scream. Calix was definitely fucked up."Ahh, don't be sad, big sister will be here to keep you safe~"Whispered by the woman, the voice was mature which made Calix think that his abductor was an adult woman, or perhaps acting like one. Her hissing sent him mixed emotions, one with fear. I thought we'd pick out a couple of videos for tonight, and then grab a pizza before we head home. Sound like a plan?" Mm-hmm."Danni picked out one 'chick-flick', but then wanted Mark to choose one 'scary' movie for later. He went for a classic: "The Shining", the original version with Jack Nicholson.After serving up the pizza on the coffee table in his family room, they sat back on the couch to start watching her movie. "What would you like to drink, Sweetie?" What are you having, Uncle Mark?". Excitation was even more, when I was being dressed as a girl. “Look, he does not even need make ups, he looks like a perfect girl” someone commented. At 18 I had not developed facial hair or mustaches, so no need to shave was there. But I had hairs in my legs, which was shaved by the makeup man.I was given a padded bra to wear and after that I wore a top and skirt and I looked really like a girl in the mirror. The play was a success and there were claps for my role and many surrounded me after. "Why are you being such a sourpuss, Markus. Let's make use of the club'sservices, dear."As Markus sat down at the table Andrea hailed a waitress that was fullynude but nevertheless hauling a plate of empty glasses. She was a cutebrunette who you'd see more likely in a bookshop than working nude in asex club.She walked over and looked at Andrea, who immediately stood up. Andreapicked up the waitress' plate and began making out with the woman,kissing her, and touching her tenderly."Let her do her.

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