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Todd is the young man who works in the bookstore.He thought he was straight, but as a natural submissive and a quiet intellectual bookish type, I just...took over his entire life and his sexuality.I should explain that I took one look at him and knew I had to have him. I developed this terriblecrush on him. Oh, he resisted me, fought me, tried to escape from me, but pussy boys likeTodd, don't stand a chance. I also took over his new wife.Of course he tried to resist me at first, but he didn't. The one remaining girl stood up, and walked over to her brother.“Aw, down on your knees for me? Such a good boy,” Abbie said, hands on her hips.“Not like I had much choice,” Josh said.“No, not really. No-one has much choice about anything now that I’m in charge,” Abbie said proudly.“What about mom and dad? Didn’t they hear us just now?”“No, I commanded them not to. Because I’m smart enough to do that. I don’t run around the house naked with video game characters. Now I suggest you go change. Suddenly the other bar mistress came behind Nici and said "It's time my girl, show them what you've got!" She pulled Nici's top right up over her head, and I shuddered in jealousy and embarrassment as my girlfriend's bare boobs came wobbling out free. Everyone else cheered and I heard shouts of "Nice Tits little lady!" and "Wow, what a pair!" She had even recently put temporary tattoos on herself, the word "Bitch" around her navel and circles of almond shapes around her nipples. I realised now. Sipping a glass of twelve-year-old Glenmorangie, ice tinkling in the cut-crystal glass, I enjoyed the smooth peaty flavor, the coolness in my mouth, and blossom of heat in my stomach as I swallowed. My mind drifted, meandering back over the last thirteen years. Life had worked out well, just not quite how I’d envisioned.The three females in my life seemed to communicate psychically. I’d find one or another of the girls coming to bed with me every so often, Alia absent. There were no fights, no.

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