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On the walls were New York Giants and Yankees’ jerseys which didn’t surprise him… but he was becoming a Chargers’ fan so he did make a comment...about something or other. He ordered a medium pepperoni and a Greek salad and was surprised when the woman came outside to yell their food was ready. Considering they were in Southern California, the attitude rankled him but the pizza made up for the rudeness. Maybe, they were taking the New York lifestyle just a bit too far, he thought. Definitely going. You have heard a lot about this house and I am excited to show you and touch you in every room. My key unlocks the door with ease, as if the very house itself is in on this adventure.We enter the back room, and you see I wasn’t lying about being an artist. My nude figure drawings cover the walls, tables stacked high with all sorts of art supplies and my baskets of yarn. You come up behind me and kiss the back of my neck. I only left him three months ago and you and I were both unsure if I would. She slid her arm around my waist and kissed me again, eagerly, nibbling on my lower lip and thrusting her tongue onto mine. I could feel my moistness seep onto my panties… she was so hot. She reached for my shirt, her warm hand sliding underneath it and cupping my breast in my bra. She slid her hands over my creamy skin as I gasped. Her touch on my nipple sent an electric shock through my body, raising goosebumps on every inch of my skin. I reached for her neck, hot kisses down her. She is so frustrated right now that she is permanently horny, and is desperate to find some relief. One way or another, you will know by tomorrow night.”“Great! I admit that I had noticed a change in Mom over the past year or so, but I didn’t know what to attribute it to. I am relieved to learn what caused it. Mary, how do you feel about bringing in a man to service you and Mom? Should we start working on that, or should we just let it stay among us girls?”“I don’t need a man right now after.

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