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The wonderful melody of her fruition spread warmth through my chest.Whether it was my hesitance to assume she would want me to do so or the distractio... of watching her rapture, I stayed on the edge but did not go over. As soon as she regained her senses, she rose from the less comfortable squat and flopped on the seat.“Let’s go home,” she said drowsily. She watched me get up and seemed to notice me stuffing my still raging hardon into my underwear but said nothing.Napping for the further hour. The third night, we were imbibing and getting rowdy. And, around two decent looking women, I was getting horny. We were sitting on the floor playing this dice game called” LeftCenterRight”. As the game continued and we got tipsy, the conversation got on to sex. Somebody suggested that rather than playing for dollars, we should play for removal of pieces of clothing. In no time, we were all naked. Jean had a really nice body: thin, no gut, small tits, shaved. Mary was heavier but not bad: big. "Measurements? Oh yes, please come in. I'm sure you're very busy with other work as well." She smiled and took out a long measuring tape. Starting with the length of my arms and legs she gathered how long I was and scribbled down the numbers. She then measured the size of my bust and around my hips. "I can see why the prince picked you, you're very... blessed," she smiled at me, then exited the room, having what she needed.I laid in bed softly drifting asleep, my body tired from the long day. . “Do you think she would like a pic of me sucking your very thick cock?,” John asked as the other boy, James, licked and sucked my nipples.“We often operate in foursomes, one with you and your lady promises to be very exciting,” John whispered as James licked, sucked and chewed my nipples. “Do you think your lady would like me do this to her nipples,” James teased as John had me on the brink of orgasm.I love having my nipples licked and teased while another person is pleasuring my cock. These.

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