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. and what a sight! Large breasts with sexy brown nipples standing erect, her dark hair resting on her shoulders and that inviting bush of pubic hair ...alling my name. My cock began to stiffen at the sight and I started to squeeze and caress it through my shorts."Well, I'm off to meet some friends. See you later son." my mother announced. I looked confused so she came over and pushed her lips against mine. This wasn't a peck but a full-on passionate kiss. "Its a nudist resort. Haven't you. All of this was topped off with a black collar around her neck. This attire was not my doing. I do not have the ability to materialize anything in my fantasy world, she already owned all of this. She revealed to me that she has moonlighted in S&M clubs for years. She was always the dominant one as well, so I decided to make her my sub as a way to get back at her. Little did I know just how much she would come to enjoy it. Whenever I used her in my fantasy world I would have her remember. Then she told me that I would not be allowed to wearany slacks, not even jeans for a while since they wanted me to get usedto wearing a skirt or dress!"Honey, we all understand your reluctance, but you saw yourself in themirror, and you know perfectly well that nobody would ever guess thatyou are a boy under those clothes. We just feel that three months ofdressing as a girl every day will make it easier for you to do this. Bythat time you'll be able to do your own hair and makeup, maybe even. We dressed in our proper best and both excelled at our extra-curricula activities, from dance class, to drama, to gymnastics and volleyball. But after her mom died, while we remained the best of friends, Tracy began to act different. This attitude change for her had made us a bit more of a yin-yang pair. In some ways we were always that way. I am a bit short for my age and Dad is Guatemalan and Mom is Mexican, I have chocolate colored skin, long straight black hair, and when we head into our.

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