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Later that week, on Saturday, I worked in the yardwhile Bob played basketball with his buds. It was hot,and I was real sweaty so I decided to take a s...owerafterward. Toweling off, I was rubbing my long,brunette hair when I walked into the kitchen still wetfrom the shower, and totally naked. “Holy shit!” I heard someone say, and I jumped like I’dbeen hit with a stun gun. I tried to cover up with mylittle hand towel, but obviously it wasn’t large enoughto even hide my. “Everyone that wants to swim, into the pool. You know where to find bathing suits if you want one. It is clothing-optional for people under twenty. Everyone older can swim nude if they wish, but do it inside. Somethings kids don’t want to see,” I joked as I carefully took off my clothes, put them on the chair, and grabbed an already nude April.“Throw me, Day-id,” she giggled.I watched as those here who didn’t know April was a fish looked on in horror. April was about three feet above the water,. So my wife goes upstairs to get ready for bed and I lock the house all up. I go upstairs and she is already in bed wearing a typical XXL t-shirt as a night shirt. Nothing is out of the ordinary, or so I think! Once I get into bed, we are just laying there watching a bit of the tube and she shuts the light out; that's when the fun started.Little did I know she had left her pantyhose on! She doesn't sleep in her pantyhose, so I knew I was going to be cumming very soon. Well she reaches her. But we are just getting together to share cuckolding ideas this morning. Well do all of them look at hot as you do I asked? My wife said yes they do, now get out of here. All day at work I couldn't help but to think of how sexy my wife looked when I left this morning. I know what she was up to, she knows I love her legs in pantyhose, she also knows I like when she keeps me in the dark over what she is up to. Well at 4:30 I got a service call from one of my customers , I told my shop manager.

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