Destroying Her Ass (4K) mp4 porn

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She is a very sexy woman and I have wanted to fuck her with the last two months.One night last week, she was going out with the girls. I was in the si...ting room when she walked in, wearing a very short black dress, low cut and hugging to her curves, black stockings and high heels, straight away my cock jumped to attention she looked stunning."How do I look?" she asked.Adjusting myself and starring I say,"You look amazing gorgeous in fact"She blushed and left I'm sure she saw the bulge in my. It was a question I was half dreading but I heard myself gasp “ All the way”. As I spoke my cock twitched and I nearly came there and then. “ Wow good boy!!” he said.” Do you want to come back to my place?” “ No, Here, now!” I said thickly. “ My pleasure!” he said . “Must use a condom” I managed to say. “No problem” he said and stepped away to reach into his back pocket. “Wait” I said and quickly slipped my trainers, socks and shirt off and then stepped out of my trousers. I was completely. This sounds like fun. I have a fantasy I hope you will consider." "What's that Anna?" "I want you to fuck me in all sorts of crazy places: on bridges, in sports stadiums, in the middle of the street at night, elevators, and... I want you to fuck me on a commuter train." "This is going to be fun Anna!" I said as I kissed her lips.She sat in my lap facing me for a while as we caressed each other. "Why me Anna?" I asked, breaking the silence. "Why you what?" "Why did you chose me to take your. What am I doing here? Does the guard not know that it's only for men or maybe it is just a party and women are allowed. But why would you not tell me that... you take me to all sorts of parties... why is this different?! I am mad at myself for coming down here. I don't need to know anything... not anymore. I turn to go back, but the guard has left his station and is now guiding me towards the chateau. He crosses the front entrance and walks to a side, and when I wait, he gestures towards a door.

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