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”I started a gentle fucking motion, holding Sonya steady with my left arm, and bracing myself against the wall with my right hand, taking it nice an... steady. It was only a few moments before she arched her back, and bowed her head, and said, “Every time you move, it feels so good I can hardly stand it!”I stopped my gentle thrusting to give her time to relax again, and adjusted my stance slightly, so I wasn’t going in as deep. “I’ll just try it like this,” I said, as I began to move inside her. After several minutes, enough time for me admire her from the rear, Madeline turned slowly about and stood before me. There proudly thrusting from between her legs was a long thick cock. The size of it was obscene on Madeline's small frame yet I heard the gasp of surprise from my own lips and it felt like a hand grabbed me between the legs to squeeze.There before me was the object of Sheryl's story, of her pleasure, I knew I could not leave until I had felt only a small amount of the pleasure. Then as I was leaving this other guy in a pickup truck started following me and he got on the side of me once I was back on the Highway. So I looked in his window while trying to keep my eyes on the road and he pushed himself up in his seat and showed me his cock sticking out of his jeans. Then he got in front of me and so I followed him off the next exit. I followed him for a while until I couldn’t see much as it was dark. Then he stopped behind this Tex-Arkana fireworks stand and got out. If I will talk about her nature then I will say that she was very down to earth female and her casual nature use to arouse me a lot. Though like her brother (my boss) she uses to address me “sir” but she always considered me her friend or family member and light jokes and chit chats on movies and other matters use to happen between us casually.Time moved further and we both started working together even more and I almost started masturbating daily visualizing myself fucking Gunjan Didi in.

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