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Finally I surfaced to catch my breath and hung on the side of the boat. When I was ready I swam down and managed to finish the job and bring the rope ...o the surface. I caught my breath as the two barges pulled a thicker rope under the sunken wreck.I swam to the rear and caught another light rope thrown to me. I dove and this time it was simple to get under the rear of the boat and pull the rope up as I surfaced. I pulled myself out and into the boat while the barges pulled a second large rope. Granddad was entirely in his arse, every single inch had filledhim up! With practised motions Grandpa pulled back and forth. At first hewas gentle, giving Joe time to adjust to being full and then empty. Then hestarted moving faster, pushing a little deeper and a little further, allthe while Joe eagerly gobbled up his Dad's hard prick. The old man'sthrusts into his hole started getting faster and harder, banging all theway through his body. Joe moaned louder and louder as each thrust becamemore. Ananya understood and went to the bathroom to take a bath. As soon as she goes, I moved near Vini, she stood up due to nervousness when I approached near her.She was trembling when I touched her shoulders and I can understand the reason very well. I gently kissed her forehead, eyes, cheeks and then neck. Her breathing was increased by the time I reached her top of cleavage portion and kissed there slowly.Then, I moved to her back side, I adjusted her loose t-shirt and kissed her back of the. You then take my punishment tool and lift my chin with it so I’m looking up at you. You smile down at me, enjoying my mixture of pain and pleasure. You take the tool and smack me hard on the ass. I let out a loud cry.“Look at yourself. Being such a whore taking a big cock like that. You’re loving it aren’t you slut?”You give me another smack on the ass, causing another cry. My orgasm hits me and I shake with the cock still inside me. When the orgasm subsides, the guy removes his cock from my.

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