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“Legs as far apart as you can get them, whore,” I commanded in the same tone I had been using. “Yes, Sir,” She apologized. Once her legs were ...pread and most of her weight was on the back of the chair, I used her throat to push her back, She tilted slowly at first, but then she fell into the seat of the chair. I let go as she fell, and used her open legs to pull her up to place most of her weight on her neck and shoulders. I then pushed her thighs down until her feet were near her head. She was. Balls shuttered, breasts bounced fully.Dick, its curving fatness quivered and head became sensitive.Leaving my girth within her for a moment, savoring with little strokes, my banana gliding on a pavine of its own flesh.I withdrew slowly, my head exiting her flesh wound, a little river of cum water and mixed juices spilling in a pool on the table, her belly swathed in breast milk.My dick quivered, its head dwarfed by its prodigious thickness trembled, spasmed, hinging at the base near my balls. I wished there was something I could do about it.There was something I could do about it. Did I dare use it? If I used it on Morgan, what would her friends think about her then? I had to do it.I asked my mom to ask Brianna's mom if it was okay if Brianna stayed at our house for a weekend slumber party with Evelyn. Brianna's mom okayed it.I only had sex with my mom once a week. She seemed to be okay with it and seemed to be okay with my desire to fuck Evelyn and Brianna more often. I enjoyed sex. A couple of guys strapped Brian to a chair near theaction, as the rest of the guys started stripping downin anticipation of their turn. The first man up, Andre,decided that since the pussy was clean, he may as wellgive it a little taste. Danielle nearly came up off the table at the intensityof this new sensation. She had mixed emotions as hisrough black tongue explored her virgin pussy. Shewanted to hate it, but she couldn’t deny thepleasurable sensations being sent to her brain..

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