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I was nervous, I knew what was coming next and I wasn’t sure I was up for it. My cock however, seemed to be taking it in stride. I had one of the bi...gest hard-on’s of my life, and my balls started to ache with the need to come. I got on all fours in front of Beth, who thankfully had produced some K-Y jelly to make things a little easier for me. She smeared it on the dildo, and then told me to spread my knees wide apart.She kneeled behind me and began by touching the tip of the dildo to my ass.. It was not bad, just deliciously different and I licked her from her puckered asshole to the hard nub of her clit. I spread her lips wide and licked her lips. I stuck my tongue deap inside her hole while her hips bucked against my face. I could feel her body begin to quake and I attacked her clit and brought her to a body shaking orgasm.We lay on the cold concrete floor for a long time before any of us was strong enough to get up. While we slowly put our clothes on I looked at the two women I. Michael slept in my bed often, though he had his own in my room where he slept at times. It wasn’t unusual for him to be naked. I changed his clothes or bathed him daily, so his nudity was nothing new. He was on his back, and his beautiful penis was erect and bobbing slightly. Michael never pulled the sheets over himself before we turned off the lights to sleep. This night, I had something to do before I covered his naked body.Yes, Michael was my son, but in many ways, our emotional. She is two years older than me and has a sister whose bag was able to help me smuggle the two items I stole back to their rightful owner. I send her a Facebook message explaining to her what I was and she was totally okay it. She didn't even care much really. Then one day a few days before vacation and a few days after I told my cousin my mom told me that I should not have told my cousin what I told her and that it was my burden to bare and that she and I would talk about things after the.

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