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Adalind's secret plans for herself and me, as confided to her contemporary diary, were that, "...In a few years, Wulf will be the best man of all for ...dalind. His face is clear cut and sensitive, his figure spare, held upright with shoulders braced military fashion. But there is something taut about his whole bearing, like a rope stretched too tightly. I feel that Wulf needs Adalind permanently by his side to balance his mind and nerves." Well, that was one way of stating what she had in mind. Usne ek sunsan jagah side kari, beti ko phone se fursat nahi thi. Driver ne ishara kiya, “Ma’am, wahan thoda andar jaake karlo.” Mein bahar gayi and mujko bohot sharam aa rahi thi, aur pedo ke peeche jaane mein dar lag raha tha, lekin bohot tez susu aa rahi thi.Fir maine drver ko bola isharo mein ki mujko dar lag raha hai, shaam ka time tha, toh woh car se bahar aata hai, aur mere paas aake mujko bolta hain, “Idhar aa jaaye ma’am.”Fir driver pedo ke peeche le gaya and bola, “Yeh jagah sahi hai,. You look adorable in that frock. "You'll makesome lucky man a wonderful wife someday."Although she had meant it as a compliment, her compliment made meuncomfortable."I'll make some young lady a wonderful husband," I corrected her."Or that, "she said, sitting down and scooping the fruit onto herplate. She was wearing a high waisted white pencil skirt and a v-neckblue silk blouse. Her red hair was pulled into a high ponytail.I tried to think back on when I had been married. Had I been awonderful. ’“Thank you. Where are they?”Gongon, “Right here. We were concerned.”“Nothing to be concerned about. My mate has a way of overwhelming my senses. How was your mating?”Landda did her gorilla laugh, “Wonderful! But Alexa you are a wicked female. We have such wonderful and frequent matings since we met you.”Laughing, “Glad to hear it. Okay, switching mates!”I walked up to Gongon. “I have been thinking about you and that cock. Just stand there.”I knelt in front of him and took his cock into my hand.

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