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And Marek had witnessed - and participated in - plenty of activities that would turn the average person's stomach. There was a home movie in the video...player, obviously filmed while the general exacted his own brand of retribution on the deposed president of _______ and his family. He had started with the infants, progressing up through the older children until he had violated and cruelly killed every person before the president's forced-open eyes. Marek shuddered as he remembered how the. Her Mistress whips the dangling tits making them red. Karen moves closer and squeezes the round buttocks of her prisoner.Stood in front of Amanda, I do not have a clear view as Karen plays with her. This lack of vision is of little consequence as Karen begins a running commentary.“Do you like the feel of my wand chasing up your inner thighs my sweet thing? That’s right squeezing those legs together makes a tastier tune my dear. Do you like the feel of my hand on your silky lips? Let me see your. My wife insisted I wore all the undies full slips suspenders, stockings and of course French knickers.Well back to our friends it seems a bit strange but I had not seen June’s husband but hade talked on the telephone, we got to see him they had invited us for a meal one night when Mark had a window in his bussies life, we both dressed in our finery and you know what that meant yes me as well “the kit”.On arriving we were ushered in to the lounge a few planetrees, Mark offered a drink we sat. Her hands reappeared, bringing the stocking top with them. Gradually the shiny, smooth nylon was drawn down the pale shapely leg until it was bare.I could see the dark-haired woman wriggling her toes in delight in the evening breeze.The blonde repeated the process until the second leg was bare.Woman number two stood and allowed the blonde to caress her ass beneath the dress. From my vantage point, I could see everything.The blonde's nipples were now rigid with arousal as her fingers tented.

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