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Synopsis: "If you can't change your boy to be like other boys, then simply change the other boys to be more like your boy!" Capo De Matzo said to his ...on in that low soft spoken gravely voice of his. His Don, Don Venuto, nodded and laughed. Don Venuto laughed, because he was about to make those boys teasing his son an offer that they couldn't refuse.************"I don't know how I'm going to handle this?" Don Venuto said to his Capo and best friend."If you can't change your boy to be like other. Later after dinner we retired to the living room where daddy insisted I sit with him, as I had down for my last six years before and read from his favourite books.Mother came in and excused herself, she was tired after her medication and made me promise to tuck my daddy in in her stead, I was a young lady now and when father performed that ritual on me at the dinner table, newer rules were brought into effect and when we eventually retired to daddy's room, I remained there the whole night with. “Wow, is she ever pregnant!” Hanna exclaimed of her naked body.“Yes she is, Wendy is having Dan and Karen’s baby and Tina is pregnant also with twins from Dan.”“How can he have two babies with two different women?” Hanna asked.“They went to a fertility clinic to have Wendy’s egg and Karen’s egg fertilized with Dan’s sperm to create their twins.”“Do you want to have a baby with Dan too?” Jenny asked. “You said you always wanted to have a little boy.”Lisa’s face warmed unsure if she should tell. Her fees alone for modeling at two of the fashion shows would have in the thousands of pounds, and that was nothing compared to the orders she would generate for her own fashion business.We were sitting on the terrace, Julia was in the pool with Abigail, and the two girls were enjoying each other’s company and seemed to have become close friends, despite their age difference.Sandy was becoming more upset and frantic with Ali. There had been several heated discussions between the pair of them.

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