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Once she has him dressed she gets a simple make-up kit and shows him how to apply rouge, eye liner, and lipstick. When done he looks like a little gir... playing sexy dress-up, with a dick instead of a pussy. Everyone says he looks good. Lisa says she can’t wait to see him doing the housework in the outfit. Our retraining must be working, as he smiles. Another girl in one of the pinafore type outfits walks up and stands beside Toy. She seems pretty, but a bit shy in the chest, then I realise it’s. Again I whisper to you, “This will be yours soon, my pet.” I feel you struggle against the bit to try and leave a kiss on my member, still resting on your lips. “But first I have work to do.”I step away from you and move in behind, pushing you forward. I watch you land on the floor, your head turns at just the last moment, before your nose hits the floor. This pulls your ass into the air and your feet close against it. It also pulls the restraints tight, leaving you supported on the front of. Harder."Meanwhile, I had undid his jeans and had slipped my hand inside to grip his beautiful eight-incher too. It had amazing girth and was possibly the thickest cock I've seen for a boy our age. His dick was already pulsating as I wrapped my hand around it and slowly started moving it up and down. We maintained this position of ours for a few moments longer, hands down each others pants, me teasing his dick while he fingered me deeper and deeper, convulsing me to the verge of cumming.I pulled. "I like her legs too." I countered lamely, "I love different shapes. People like different things. For example I like a big ass and you don't really find big asses sexy."I knew that Samantha had said that she didn't like big asses because she had said as much to Cassie which we thought was odd because it was the only feature about herself that Samantha didn't think was perfect. I did.She got a little defensive, saying "I like a big butt. I just think it shouldn't be too big."I pushed a little.

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