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Her tits were so round and her nipples were so hard and pinkish. She then guided me towards here cunt and asked me to lick it and suck it after some t...me her feminine juices came out which were so good that i drank the whole then she again started sucking my cock , then i was about to insert my tool into her she just stopped it and said not now .The next day she made wake up early and gave me breakfast with some special juice , she said that juice would help me improve my strength she also said. His hands were busy unfastening his zip as licked Elaines pussy. He surfaced ,red faced and said gruffly I cant wait anymore. I need to fuck her Dave. he unfastened the button on his pant a and dropped them. He was wearing baggy, string, underpants and as he pulled them down his cock sprang out from a bush of greying pubic hair. Hew got hold of Elaines knees and pushed her legs apart,causing her labia to part, to reveal her pink,inner lips to Lenny.He shuffled forwards on his knees between. " Bye."Dennis was happy enough to go with me. He seemed to be picking up a vibe though, and I knew I'd have to tell him soon. I didn't want to. Every time I did this it felt like failure.I didn't need to worry too much about the conversation though. There was some sports thing on TV, and the boys gravitated to that immediately, with a few beers, and left us girls talking about nothing much. We dragged the boys out to eat, and after Max insisted they do the dishes, they threw themselves back. .Do you boys think I'm a good piece of fuckmeat?...Are all of you boyshaving fun with the cunt?...Am I being a good little fuck-toy?...Ooohhh...I hopeyou boys are having as much fun as I am. I have loved everything that you havedone to me...You boys ****d me soooo good!...I can't wait until you all want to**** me some more!...I can't believe how much cum you boys had for me!...I surehope all of your balls are full again. Cumbag loves to be stuffed full of hot,sticky cum!....Did everyone get a.

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