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It was unusual for him to not show up as the fellas and I would get together to practice for the season. My masturbatory habits slowed down substanti...lly for the first few days after being caught but pretty soon I was back in the woods running around naked in the day and sneaking out at night and running around the neighborhood whacking off at night. I loved the feel of warm air on my naked body and I loved being exposed.I was still kind of nervous about getting caught and I was also horny as. “That’s a good slut, you know your place.” I gently bit and sucked on her nipples. I slid my mouth across her chest to the other breast and continued, spurred on by Jen’s moans. My other hand began to slide between her legs, and traced a circle around her wet pussy. The steam of the showers added to our excitement. My fingers found the inner folds of her amazing cunt. Before I could get into a groove, a rough hand slapped my ass. I yelped out in pain. “Spread the soap around slut.” I didn’t. He was worried and wanted to get this business over with and away from them. He didn’t feel comfortable being near these two men. “Well, we still need an audience with Huntress. Our Queen has sent us her to secure the crystals.”“Secure in what way?” Darcy asked with a raised eyebrow.“We have sixty soldiers that will assist us in guarding them for you,” Lord Oak announced and hoped they turned up soon, he was wondering what was keeping them.“In your dreams, buddy,” Darcy snarled.Lord Oak stepped. WHEN SHE FINISHES MASTERBATING HIM WITH HER NYLONNED STOCKINGED FOOT, SHE REACHES FOR HER RED SPIKE HIGH HEELED SHOE AND SLIPS IT OVER HER WET CUM STAINED NYLON FOOT. THE NEPHEWS AUNT THEN SLIPS HER BLACK HALF-CUPPED BRA AND BLACK FULL SLIP BACK ON AND THEN AFTER SHE FINISHES PUTTING ON HER LINGERIE SHE INSTRUCTS THE NEPHEW TO REMOVE HER RED HIGH HEELS AND PUT THE BLACK SUEDE SPIKE HIGH HEELS ON HER NYLONNED FEET, THE AUNT RUBS HIS COCK AGAIN WITH HER BLACK SUEDE HIGH HEELS AND NYLONS WHEN HE.

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