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I loved being made to be a sissy like this. Dee would tell me I wasn’t acting feminine enough as I swished through the house dusting, or doing laun...ry. She would regularly command me to “move those hips bitch” and she would sometimes have me stop in the middle of what I was doing to start stroking my rigid cock, bring me to the edge, and then telling me to stop again.One night in particular she had me edging for hours as I cleaned the entire house, after working all day. That day I was. After resting for a few minutes, I got up and dressed myself, looked at the two beautiful young ladies sitting on the floor of the tent, knees doubled up in front of them and smiled at how their plan had turned out. I said “I’ve got to pack up soon; my wife is going to kill me if this takes all day, and I sure as hell can’t show her the pictures.” I unzipped the doorway enough to step out and closed it for them saying “get dressed girls, I’ll pack up everything out here, we gotta go.” . Slowly moving her hand up her leg she brushed aside her skirt and sure enough it was only minutes that Caroline was touching the top of her legs. Moving her knees apart, and with her skirt all bushed up at the top Caroline ran her finger up and down the front of Jo's pussy, as she squirmed in her seat all I could do was watch and get horny.Caroline stood up and knelt down in front of Joanne, spreading her thighs she bent down and ran her tongue up the inside of her leg until it nestled nicely. Never have I seen such a goddess. I began to kiss down from her neck to between her breasts. Her head arched back as she grinded her hips closer towards me. Gently kissing over the top of the bra she pulled it back. My tongue slowly swirled her left nipple. Clockwise, then counterclockwise, again and again. Teasing as I nibbled with my lips. Sucking. OMG, yes, so wonderful I thought. Michelle was enjoying this too as I moved to the other nipple. Not wanting to leave it out of the fun I began.

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