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A little touching, no spooning. I was pretty sure that wasn’t going to last. I could feel the sexual tension in him. I could feel it in me.And then ...ne night it happened again. I awoke lying on my back. Bobby’s leg was thrown over my hips, his hard cock twitching on my stomach. My own cock sprang to full life right away, growing in size almost to touch his. I tried not to move, just reveling in the feel of his body. Clearly he was still dreaming, but his dream was building toward a climax. I. On the way, Roy told me, Do you want to fuck Wendy. I was surprised, look at him, and said, Why? Will she let me do it? Roy replies and says he has no problem but he has to talk to his wife. He tells me to wait in my room and if his wife says OK, he will tell her to go to my room. As soon as I entered my room, I quickly take bath and prepare myself. I put on my pajamas with no under wear. I wait in the room and looking at the TV video. Time has passed almost one hour and suddenly I hear. Get a little closer, okay? That's it, baby. Now I can see you and rub you at the same time. I think you're pretty much dry now. I hope I didn't hurt you doing that." U-uh. It felt really nice." Should I stop?" No." Do you like it then?" Uh, huh." Can I rub you here some other time too?" Sure! Any time!" Mmm, you got me smiling again, baby. Oh, and I think you are getting wet down there again. Are you peeing again?" No, silly. That's just what happens when I feel really good down there. I do it. He had explained that not only did he like the look of shaved genitals, but that it allowed for tethering and leashing the cock and balls without entangling hair. I wondered if he knew as well how humiliating it was for me to perform that act. I knew many men shaved their balls, but they did so for their own purposes or to please their girlfriends. I was acutely aware of the fact that I had shaved myself, giving up what seemed at that moment to be a part of my manliness, on the orders of a man.

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