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Dad said we make her as our daughter. I said no dad. Dad said ok as you like. Dad said can I hire a call girl. I said no dad. Dad asked whom do you wa...t. I said no one just said you. Dad no my dear son your mom and I love you so much your are only child of us, so tell me my dear son. I said ok tell you later. Dad said not later tells me now. I said dad I visited internet regularly and read some sex stories from the internet and from that some illegal thought grow in my mind. Dad asked what. I then tried to think of ways to catch Beth without cloths on, walking into the bathroom, her bedroom, something. By the time I had gotten home I was disgusted with myself for having these thoughts about my own daughter, but my dick was hard as a rock. As I walked in the house Beth was sitting on the sofa watching TV. She smiled and asked, “How was your golf game daddy?” “Oh, it was alright, but I’m all sweaty and need to take a shower. I’ll be back down in a few minutes and we can get some. She was thick, but she was curved well with a juicy ass and boobs that jiggled as she walked. John quickly regained his composure as he began greeting the students to class. She said hi and said her name was Lori. John replied "Hi" back and tried not to overdo his smile or anything else. She asked if there was assigned seating, and John replied there wasn't. The only thing he could think of was, "On my face would be nice", but he kept that thought to him. He regained his professional composure. I ended up dating the guy I did it with for a little while, but I broke it off, not wanting to be attached to anyone so early in my college years. Instead, I had a couple of one-night stands and pretty much lived it up. I was enjoying the casualness of the encounters and it excited me.All during that time, I never forgot about my encounter with my cousin Robert. Many times after that night I replayed that scene between us. It fueled countless fantasies and I found myself with my hand between my.

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