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He lapped enthusiastically at the girl, and he was rewarded for it with a sudden gush of fluid as the girl writhed violently then stiffened in a spasm...when an orgasm overtook her. She whined loudly into her gag, her breath halted for a moment each time she failed to keep the phallic toy pushed away from her throat. Once it passed she was left panting heavily, but she had no chance for a break when Komi resumed again. His tongue felt murderous to Cylvan's twitching folds, leaving the flesh raw. He followed his mystery girl as he made a quick call to reschedule the rest of his afternoon to tomorrow. After hanging up the phone he caught up with Lucy and said “Excuse me miss”? Lucy jumped and she blushed a deep red. Had this man really just followed her?!?! She simply replied “Yes”? He gave a boyish smile and said “I know this seems a bit odd but I saw you back by the café and I felt an impulse to introduce myself, so hello I’m Sam.” Lucy looked around was this really happening?! Again. This was who I wanted to talk to. She had beautiful natural looking breasts that she showed us and my girlfriend touched and squeezed them. She wanted breasts and so she was evaluating this girl's boobs to see how she liked them. I would have liked fondling them myself but I didn't think it was a good idea. The hooker was very opinionated and talkative. I liked her and agreed with her opinions but of course I preferred my girlfriend.When we got back to the hotel, we were both horny and I. ...please!" She begged. A laugh came from under her skirt. "Oh god please, Daddy, please lick me there!" Say it," he said."No, don't make me..." Say it, Andi, and I'll do it."She paused, aching. Finally she gave in, "Please Daddy," she whispered in embarassment, "please lick my pussy!" She winced as she said it. Somehow, despite the reality of what she was doing in this hotel room, simply saying that word embarassed her. A shiver of excitement followed the embarassment, however."Oh.

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