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Oops sorry, I forgot to describe her. She has a beautiful fair and clean skin, a little bulky but right amount of flesh is the right places. Her stats...36 32 36, she can make any man’s tool to salute her, she always wears saree below her naval and deep cut blouse both front and back. It all started on a Wednesday last week when we were chatting in the morning and I was free in office, all of a sudden she asked me if we can meet up for lunch at some place, as I was free I accepted her request and. ’ Kevin went on, twisting my nipples brutally in case he did not already have my full attention. That was the moment when I began to hate him and resolved not to beg him. I had made a huge, disastrous mistake by marrying him but I was not going to allow him to break me. Moments later, my skirt was up around my waist and Kevin shoved my panties to the side between my legs. Cutting pain lanced through me as he speared two fingers inside me hard. I gasped but would not allow him the satisfaction. - She has to call me "sir" and be thankful that I let her please me. She has to thank me and ask for permission a lot.- I decided how deep or fast she sucks.- I decide when her hands are to be tied behind her back. If her hands are not tied, she still has to ask for permission to use them.- She has to ask for permission to try and make me cum.- If she doesn't say where she wants my cum, I will just cum inside her mouth.- She has to be on her knees at all times, unless I give her permission to. What’s with the umbrella?’ ‘Oh, just something I got recently. Reminds me of my younger days. So are the two of you together?’ Jane asked. ‘Sort of. Me and Lucy just met on this trip but so far it’s been going really well. We’ve been doing everything together and we’ve been having some really good sex.’ Charlie said as Lucy blushed. ‘Very nice. Are you from London, Lucy?’ ‘Yes, I am.’ ‘I used to live in London, but now I live in the countryside. Much safer there!’ ‘Oh, I’ve been there and I.

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