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We had never tried anything like this before but it was worth a try.Linda was supposed to arrive at the bar around 9:00 and I was would arrive about 1... minutes later. The idea is simple, we see each other across the bar and I buy her a drink. I then approach and we have small talk. Eventually I ask her back to my hotel room and we leave together. We are then off for a one night stand with each other. I arrived at the bar a couple of minutes early, eager to get the evening started. I approached. When I went back to the bedroom I found that Christie had found the bag and had followed my instructions. She was sitting on the edge of the bed with the hospital straps on her wrists and ankles. Even better, when I opened her robe I saw that she had slipped her vibrator on, the straps around her waist and between her little ass-cheeks.?What’s this for?? she asked with a gleam in her eye. She knows that I have a devious mind and like to play games at times.?Oh, I thought we’d spend the. I think he only wanted to look down my dress. I had a hard time keeping the dress in position and remain covered as I shifted to see what he was explaining. Wink, Wink. After the mansplaining was finished, off we went. It felt great with the sun beating down on me, and the wind causing my dress to flutter about. Dirk had a great view as I tried to drive and keep myself covered. Needless to say, he got an eyeful on that test drive. It took a couple of hours of paperwork and flashing. That. How could I be crying over a man who was so angry at me overmy wanting to be me. How could I be crying over a man I thought wasgoing to beat me right there in the hallway? How could I be crying overa man who had disowned me? My head was a mess. I heard a knock at thedoor. The door opens a little and Jenny pokes her head in and looks atme. "Can I come in?" she asks in the sweetest most caring voice. Ijust nod as she comes to my side and holds me while I burry my head intoher shoulder. I.

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