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Your mother will take you. Your first visit is in themorning."Dad was like that. Decisive. He stated the obvious, asked me, just tomake sure, then pro...ounced the verdict. I could hardly contain myselfwhen he told me that I would be just like every other girl in our school,and looked forward to seeing the doctor. I did start the shots and pills,and all that summer, while I worked in dad's office, I began to blossom.Only mom knew, and we kept that to ourselves. By the time school startedagain in. Smooth bare skin and muscle."What age are you?" I breathe."Eighteen," he promises."Oh fuck, yes." I lean forward, grip his wrist and ease his hand away from his cock. I replace it with mine and feel the hot penis, stiff as a fucking board against my palm and fingers. The skin's like velvet in my grip. Velvet over stone. My mouth is watering.He groans, his tongue flickering over his lips, as I begin to jerk him off. That's all I do for a minute or so, then toss my head, my long hair swinging to. "Ah, mom, they're very sexy." Well, how about me, am I sexy?"Well, you are my Mother." I know but am I sexy?" Now she drops the panties and begins caressing her boobs with her fingertips as she moves her leg causing the material of the gown to ride higher on her thighs. I take another sip of wine trying to avoid the answer but know I have to respond."Mom, there probably isn't a guy in town who doesn't think you are sexy." I thought I had answered the question the best way it could be, but mom. She bought two of those, almost, cloth shopping bags. She managed to get he load of groceries in them and even had a little room left over.She walked out the store carrying the two bags, and began to fit them onto the bike. First she stepped through the frame of the heavy cruiser, Then hung one bags on each side of the handlebars. The arrangement make the bike unstable but she did manage to make it home in one piece. It was almost 7:30 when she arrived home.It was strange to carry only two.

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