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“And even before that you were a very good friend.”“I should never have stopped fucking you!” she declared. “I missed out on a whole year’... worth of orgasms!”“You were dealing with the whole Sean thing,” I replied. “But you remedied that as soon as we got to Chicago. That was quite the surprise.”“But it made sense, didn’t it? We’d been dancing around the topic for a year. Living in close quarters would have driven us both nuts. So I decided to take the shortest, simplest route.”“That is you,” I. The swathing mother had ordered for the terrace and dining room had come in, and was not the color she had wanted, and she was having an attack of the vapors about it. I was never one prone to the use of ‘the vapors’ to get my way, and so I mostly ignored my mother and my sister when they indulged themselves that way. Instead, I told mother the slight color mismatched was of no import and to take a rest in her parlor until dinner and I would finish with the seamstress for her. Just before. I kept trying to push my tongue into her now flowing cunt, but each time I did, she would say, “Slowly, slowly,” and I would pull back out. Her body was now almost bucking on the bed. I kept lapping and suckling and she began a shrill keening wail that foretold an impending orgasm.Her legs pulled me even tighter against her pussy and her hands now forced my head so tightly against her that I could barely breath as she arched and thrashed on the bed. After her wild movements calmed, she said. "Crystal Flash!" The cat called out. You faced the magical crystal at the monster before you and followed suit."Crystal Flash!" You called in response. Suddenly a light shone from your crystal, and a beam of pure energy shot forward piercing the fiend before you and turning it to ash. You felt a touch drained after attacking the monster but having defeated it, you were happy to see the darkness in the sky fade, and the warmth of the sunlight shine down on the now devastated park.People stared.

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