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It was covered in junk. I just wanted to get out of his house as soon as possible.“Oh, thanks,” He faked a sneeze and threw his bowl of soup at me... I was drenched and humiliated.His mom saw and was instantly pissed and made him apologize. It was strange watching how well she managed to control her son. She managed to get him to say, “I’m sorry,” as quietly as possible.I walked out of the room and was about to try and walk home when his mom grabbed my arm stopping me. “I’m sorry for my son.. 'Jesus, she's washing her cunt right in front of me, and she's beautiful,' he thought. Then, just as quickly as she arrived, she turned off the water and vacated the shower area, leaving him panting at what he had just witnessed. He had hoped it would be good, but instead it was excellent. He spent the next hour in his closet, but no more girls entered much to his dismay. After returning late the next night from a study session at the library, Keith went straight to the closet and assumed his. He coated it in simple Vaseline and laid a glob in each gurls ass cleft. Standing 1ft away behind Ruth, he laid his cock in her ass cleft and slowly walked forward. Ruth gleefully moaned. He sank balls deep, then stepped back 6inches and rocked his strokes into her. Ruth screamed, “Oh Samson! I've missed this! Missed your fantastic cock”! He plowed into her, slow, deep and with perfect rhythm until Ruth groaned. The men saw her cock spitting cum as he continued to stroke her. When she fell. I didn't turn on the light – bathrooms have mirrors, and I desperately didn't want to see myself. I fumbled for the toilet seat, lifted it, undid my jeans, and pushed them down. Steadying myself on the wall, I sat, and let flow.My pee smelled and stung. I peed a lot. Dehydration. Drink water dummy.And then I was like, Why? I was supposed to be dead. Peace and quiet and dead. Why couldn't I be dead? I couldn't even kill myself successfully, not even with pills and a bridge to jump off of. Fuck,.

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