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And down for a while and then stopped.Later she started smooching and we sucking each others lips and tongue for around 10 – 15 mins and she slowly ...ame over me and starting licking my earlobe and sucking it. And then gently moved towards my neck and stared biting and kissing me over my neck. She kept making moves and going downwards. Kissing my chest then belly and finally gripping my tool in her hand and kissing it. She gently placed her lips over the head of my shaft and moved her downwards,. I can see it all in the mirror, my position, myhumiliating position, my Mistress riding my ass... I moan, wishing Icould climax, listening to the slapping sound from my arse, and the namesshe calls me..."Yes! Yes my little slut! Take it all.. take it hard... this is yourfuture slut! And I know you love it!" she says, her speed increasingbefore she starts to slow to shuddering hard single thrusts. "Yes! Mybitch! My angelic sissy bitch! Oh yes...."And she shudders to a halt, releasing my hair,. ” She whispered, and Jamie looked up.She was surprised. There before her was Ruby, the bright red hair faded out to something more of a darker red, glasses covering those same blue-green eyes, and a little way behind her, Ralph, with his salt and pepper hair, giving a small wave. Jamie just smiled, and stood up, hugging the woman. “It’s so nice to see you again.” She told her, and Ruby smiled. “We have to catch up sometime.” Jamie said, and Ruby nodded. “Maybe later after you’re done being so. His reaction as she made a show of swallowing his fluids tipped her over the edge. She also found that anal sex in limited amounts got her so hot that when he did eventually enter her vagina, her orgasm would flow over her in crashing waves and leave her almost bereft of will.They had gone out and chosen a vibrator. A flesh coloured twisting cock that often joined Michael in her body. She especially liked it if he fucked her with it while she sucked his penis, imagining that she had two lovers..

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