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I spent most of the evening studying for a Latin exam at college on Monday. The girls played Twister during that time, though they did take about half...an hour to quiz me on Latin nouns and verbs.Sometime around nine, I got a phone call from Earl. He asked, "Yuusou, are my sisters behaving themselves?" I guess. They've been helping me study for my Latin exam." You keep your nose to the grindstone, don't you?" I guess, though Kizuna's got me taking them to a movie in half an hour."There was a. I declared, it was her turn to pump me out with mouth. She sat up. I asked her whether I could kiss her breasts and eat them as well. She agreed. Like a child I lay my head on her lap and started sucking the grapes. To my surprise, milk started coming out. (She must be still breast feeding her son). I enjoyed this nectar for while, till the time they were empty. She was simultaneously playing with my dick and balls. Then I lay flat on my back and she started performing fellatio – a real expert,. I felt resistance but kept pushing with a little more force and the head started to slide in. The whole time I was trying to get in her ass, she was playing with her pussy and seemed to be enjoying herself. By this time I had gotten the head all the way in her butthole and kept slowly pushing until my entire cock was completely in her ass, all the way up to the balls! I left it there like that for a while to allow her to get used to the feeling and then started pumpimg in and out of her tight. She was a knock-out! I knew that she was 34 yrs old and hot, but this was the first time I actually saw her firsthand. She was blonde, about 5’9”, with a great set of tits, which I guessed were probably about 34D. She was wearing a tight fitting, low cut, blue silk robe, which barely went halfway down her thighs. As he went down the walkway and got in his shiny new BMW getting ready drive off to work, I couldn’t help but to get even more pissed off. With his gambling debts mounting, this.

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