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"Mark, please st-" my mom said but stopped. She knew I wasn't going to. She starting moaning louder and louder. "I've never been touched like this,......h! Oh my god!" I obliged. I was such a good son. I licked her huge boobs. God they were perfect. I furiously sucked my mums nipples. The room was full of moans from both of us. As if it couldn't get any better, my mum stopped me. "Mark, fuck me." Oh my God. She said it. Am I dreaming. Fuck me. She said" Yes i will. This is awesome. You have to. Curtis, I mean Michelle” he said as he smiled. “So, what are you going to do tonight?” he asked and I could tell he was fishing around.“Not much, take it easy tonight, I had a busy day doing things around the house this morning.”“Hey, I have a camera that Jake let me borrow and I want to return it, will he be home tomorrow?”“Yeah, but probably not until the afternoon. He has to work tonight and he likes to sleep in late, he said he would be staying at a friend’s house tonight”. It was. It was like possession my body took over from my brain, having been a virgin and taken my older sister's virginity now my body need to cum inside her. Katie whispered "I want you baby" over and over and that was the most wonderful thing I've ever heard, it was like lust poured over me and I could not get enough of her. Then Katie was screaming "yes" and my body rammed deep into and I came inside her. "Yes in my cervix, get me pregnant, make me pregnant" and she was thrusting up and we made love. “Just asking that all.” I said when I turned back. “Well if you do just tell him. He like us you know.” I gave her a question look and she sighed. “You know bi.” I felt my pulse quick and didn’t say anything. The bell ringed and I head to my next class which David and I shared. During class I could not stop myself from taking peak at him as the teacher told. When the bell finally ringed I got my stuff and head into the hell. Someone grabbed me by my shoulder and slammed me against the lockers..

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