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I heard her giggle again. "I've never been this close to a human before," she said as she looked at me up and down. "I always thought you were smaller..." You've never had contact with humans?" I asked. You would have thought that I would have been more freaked out about my situation, but her presence was strangely comforting and familiar."Not personally, I've only seen them at a distance," she took a step closer to me and tugged at my pants. "Why do you wear all this stuff?" She asked."I don't. She is from village in west Godavari .she got married and lost her husband in accident .This happened four year’s back and she had no children .she used to talk very nice and had a smiley face.Once she felt sick .She is suffering from fever and the fever was 103 and she was very tired and at time it was very cool and she was shivering and I didn’t know what to do to bring fever down .she told that she had no problem and she will work .Then ,I said no take rest .We will meet a doctor then. I. She jumped up and looked very happy to see me. I asked where Allison was and Jenny explained she was over in Rotorua, about an hour and a bit drive away, but was going to be back in the afternoon, as she hadnt expected me until 3:00pm. I remembered then that I had told we would get down later in the afternoon, but Phil had changed the time on me. Why has she gone to Rotorua? I asked. Oh! Uncle Fred left his wallet here and was too busy today to come and get it. So mom had to drive it over. The women were far to long in presenting me with the set of hospital scrubs. The bright orange clothes had Seven Oaks Inmate stenciled on the back of the shirt and down the legs of the pants. By that time, I was into it, and relieved to know where I was.I slipped the pants on slowly and intentionally pulled the waistband under my balls and pushed them forward as they flipped my cock out to an even more noticeable protrusion. I did eventually get everything into the pants and the crowd slowly.

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