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"I did too, Laura. I'm getting so I can't live without it."At that moment, over Brenda's shoulder, Laura saw a figure lurking by the hedge than ran al...ng the sidewalk, about twenty yards beyond them. Something about the person caught her attention, even though in the semi-darkness she could not tell what. Then she recognized it: the jacket! It was the huge hooded parka that Charise often wore. The girl usually half-disappeared inside of it, and this time was no different. Charise was so black. Kari coughed and gagged as she tried to recover from the torrent of milky liquid running down her chin and onto her chest. Well, as you can see, everything with horses is on a bigger scale, Bob said to the group, as he helped Kari up. Some are bigger than others, some will produce more semen than others. Sorta like men, he quipped. Two or three cups of semen is about normal, but Ive got one that, I swear, will give over two quarts. So lets all head on into the barn, shall we. Inside the barn,. Now, getting laid isnt a problem for me. Im thirty-two with all my hair and even though Im just a grade school teacher I have done really well for myself. I own my home outright and my car a Mercedes SLK-Class. I dabbled in the Stock Market and came out successful. But one marriage was enough for me. And quite frankly I enjoyed the single life. A little pussy here and there when I needed it was great and in the morning I went back to my single life. A house without a woman was something I was. I was thinking of offering a paying service as a side-line at the time. After all, if I could pull it off, I'd be offering a valuable community service (lol), making some money and having a great deal of fun. Let's call the client this is all based on - Jane (to protect the guilty and because she later became my 2nd wife). We talked a bit on the phone. She had never been spanked but had always wondered if it would be as much of a 'turn on' in practice as it had been in her mind. She'd taken.

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