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So Adam got up from the table and he answered it, after a brief phone conversation Adam returned to the table and he said to Georgia."I have some good...news for you that was my boss on the phone the murderers have been arrested and they have been charged with several murders including the one that you witnessed and the trial is going to begin in 4 weeks."When the handsome lawman finished speaking they resumed eating lunch.4 weeks later it was time for the trial to begin the two young people got. She had blue doe shaped eyes. Her best attribute seemed to be her chest. She was quite busty. She had long legs and was very tan. She had a nice shaped butt. She really was quite a looker.She was wearing a white tank top with a white flimsy bra underneath. I could see her nipples poking out. She had on daisy duke shorts that were ripped in several places. She wore gold flat shoes. She looked like a sexy nymphette. I wondered if she had just gotten dropped off from her last ride. She really was. I now had to pass these two off to my boss, like I had agreed to. I stood and said the words I had been instructed to say when I finished, “Away with you”.Suddenly, Arazel appeared with a band of evil demons. “Take them away,” he commanded. I fell back in the chair, horrified at the scene that unfolded before me. I watched as the terrifying demons extracted the souls of my two lovers and whisked them away, as they screamed in terror. I sat in the chair unfeeling, yet shocked at what I had. The next day she heads to work early in the morning. Hannah strolls into work with a pep in her step. She sees a parent that will volunteer for the day, Cindy. Cindy can see the glow on Hannah's face that always means she had a great night.The day seems to drag on even though it was busy. Hannah watches the clock, waiting for the time that that she can go back up to the cabin and watch the video again and possibly speak to her sister. A few minutes before pick up time, Hannah starts the clean.

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