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"By all means let's dissect your life minute by minute." I added another slave before I left for work." You are so full of shit. You have that one com...ng in from Arizona Friday; no way you're adding another now." Well, actually the other three added her." Ok, I'll bite, who is she?" Joyce, Trish's mother. How was I to know she was a slave to her ex-husband? Fucking world is spinning out a control here." So now you have a Mother/Daughter and a Sister/Sister set of slaves. Ain't no fucking. Three men sat smoking and observing the long legs of the dancers. The pianist didn't miss a note as David and his escort entered. The girls stared but didn't stop practising their routine. David, supported on either side, stood facing the three dance fans. The middle one called out "Enough of this gentlemen. Get our guest a chair." There was a scurry of activity, and David collapsed into a chair."And who may you be?" The guy in the centre enquired.David blinked blearily. "I am David Ogilvy. And. I thought about tearing the clothesfrom her body and roughly taking her, but I realised that it wasn'tAngelo who I was in the dream, but an altered Angelina. It was almost enough to give you a headache.My tit was sexy, I still recognised that, and there was sensuality in myskin, but it was all with a touch of dispassion. I tried a differenttactic instead. I let my hand move down, over my soft belly, venturinginto the shorts I was wearing; instead I lost my nerve and let my handroll over the. Finally I’m going to get fucked, but I didn’t realize by which cock. I was back on hands and knees in front of Harley with lube on my finger and then in my ass. Harley got down behind me and in one push was buried in my pussy. I was on a cloud feeling that wonder feeling of his cock. Then he stopped, cock all the way in me and called for Elvis. He came over and started sniffing around and licking here and there. Harley retrieved a zip lock bag and pulled a wad of toilet paper out. He extended.

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