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So, when Red emerged in the short robe Teresa had loaned her, she was greeted by five naked people, some of us loving each other right out there on th... patio. In fact, it was Ted and Sharon who were tightly wrapped in each other’s arms on one of the big lounge chairs that drew her attention first.She moved over to where Dot was offering her a glass of wine. “I thought,” she said quietly, “Ted was your husband.”Dot smiled and patted her shoulder.“He is. He’s also Sharon’s husband and Teresa’s,. Enjoy! *All characters in this story are 18 years or older* PREVIOUS — Chapter 8: Lost Connection CHAPTER 9 Rachel sighed and leaned the side of her head into her palm as she pulled her car into the driveway. The ride home from school had been a blur. An auto-piloted series of turns controlled entirely by muscle memory as her brain stayed deeply engrossed elsewhere. It was a warm afternoon for mid-May and she smiled involuntarily as the breeze of her cracked-window fluttered through her. Oru naal naangal sagajamaaga pesikondu irukum pozhuthu avaluku kadantha varudam thaan vivagaeathu aanathu endru sonnal. Aval appadi sollum pozhuthu ennaku santhoshamaaga kaama unarvu ennaku earpatathu. Avalin double bedroom flat vellai seium idathiru pakkathile irunthathu. Naan shellavai patri ungalidam sollgiren, avalin uyaram 5’6″, kunthal mudi neelamaga karumaiyaga irukum, kaama kangalum karumaiyaga irukum, udal vadivan satru perithaga irukum 34-32-36. Pinbu oru naal aval ennai santhikalama. I put in a big soaking tub and moved the washer/dryer to the back half. By the end of summer I had my new back porch installed on poured-in-place concrete footers.I was getting a idea for my place, kind of a building plan. I’d seen big clay community ovens in villages outside of Taejon Korea. I’d bet that I could make one, but I’d need the right clay to work with.I wanted chickens. Chickens and eggs. I’d need someplace to keep the feed. I’d also need a tight chicken coop to keep out weasels,.

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