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He longed to be able to touch her in any way she would let him. He often logged on just to look at her pictures and stroke his cock to her.She was eve...ything he wasn’t: cute, fit, agile and talented. Monica was an amazing twenty-year-old. She had long dark hair, dark eyes and a button nose that sat on top a mouth that could suck cock like a pro if she wasn’t a lesbian. To round it off, she had freckles. Freckles that just begged to be spunked on, Sean thought in his mind.“Sean, I'm going to be. I felt the tight anal opening as it squirmed over my penile head, trying to force itself down on to my inflexible penile shaft. One of the girls said 'wait a minute,' I got the sensation of her licking lasciviously about my cock head and the girl moan, I imagine that she had her anus licked by the exuberantly wet tongue. She tried once again and this time my cock head popped into her anal cavity. She screamed slightly with surprise as my penile head slid deep into her bung hole. 'Hold me, hold. "I shouldn't have said what I did." He shook his head, "And Pete says I have to forgive you." I smiled at the chubbier boy. Yeah, Pete was sort of cute, but Maxie held all my attention even when he wasn't there. "Plus cross country is coming up and we need you, it'll take the pressure off everyone else."The air cleared, the dingy changing room with filled with 'light and sound'. I breathed easy, let imagined strains of Maxie's music wash over me. 'And friends who said they had your back/But. It’s hard to even be angry.”“I am angry on your behalf. You were just starting to get over not being a whore last time I saw you. I want to make them pay.”“And how are you going to do that? How are you going to take on an artisan swordsman going for master rank in a few levels and his god touched priest friend? They are both over level 35.” I feel trapped and frustrated. And realize that trapped or something like it is what I’ve been smelling on her. No wonder.“Some day.”She sighs. “And I.

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