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"Not yet," I said as I grabbed his hand and pulled him down on the bed with me.The bed was still in the middle of the floor, but that wasn't exactly a...priority right now. Ryan immediately took control of the situation and positioned himself on top of me. He pulled my top off and unhooked my bra with very little effort. It wasn't long before he pulled my white shorts. I was about to take my panties off when he pushed me down on the bed and used his teeth to perform the task.At this point, his. As I clicked through them, I was surprised to see some familiar faces that I would never have suspected being part of this type of event. Some were clients of mine. I got my surprise under control and clicked on through until I hit pay dirt.I recognized Claire right away, but it was Claire more than fifteen years ago. Man! She was so hot, even back then at eighteen! I smiled to myself as I realized that I still thought she was hot, even after giving birth twice--she had gotten herself back into. Following that, the twothen go on to share their impressions. Then, to John'samazement, Mike informs her friend that what she wants isto experience what it feels like to have his manhoodnestled snugly up insider her. John, after a little coaxingon Mike's part, is more than happy to oblige her. Chapter 3 picks up where Chapter 2 left off, withMike quickly losing her virginity as the two friends engagein their first act of carnal sex. Then, after they havesomewhat recuperated from their love. It was a small but well kept flat, it was clear a guy lived there and it could have done with a woman's touch (the feminine side of me coming out :-) ). He directed me to the bedroom and told me to get changed in to my lingerie, I entered his bedroom and stripped off my male clothes and nervously put the lingerie on. The baby doll was first, as soon as I slid the cool material over my body my cock responded and started to grow, I put the panties on next, they were tiny, the string fit snugly.

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