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, just get my dick harder and harder for a flawless white southern belle like yourself. Our first story would have to begin with, you and I first meet...ng at the Lucky's grocery market on the Southside of San Jose. But first it would have to catch up more in the present, my night Nipsey Hussle, ran into you earlier that day. Nip "Ayo what's Poppin Paula, did you see him, the young hip-hop Icon JohnVeNOM?" You "Yeah Nipsey & my young niggas in Brompton to the bay ready for you to live. Instinctively, I put my hands out in front of me to break my fall, but they didn’t touch any ground beneath the water’s surface. Rather, my hands kept on going, down and down, until my entire upper body was completely immersed in what must have been a few feet of stinking, oily, brown water. I’d a found a trench. I was so surprised that I barely closed my mouth and stopped breathing in time to avoid drowning. I managed to get to my feet again, coughing and spitting out the filthy stuff. When I. I miss my sweetest lover, a Dominican man that unfortunately belonged to someone else. Castillo was just too nice and it ( the beautiful nights of rum,sex, and sand) wasn't supposed to happen. I remember the way he kissed me, always making me feel like a goddess. So many nights we would walk on the beach after work and made love in the shadows of the fancy resort that emploted us but we could never afford to stay at ourselves. We talked about what if, as if, when we both know he had a. In my child's mind, I thought the hose was somehow magic. Or maybe that particular hose was somehow special. Or that hoses in general brought magical feelings and delights. At seven, I was too young to really understand that it was connected to ME, my own anatomy, something on MY body, and not the hose. But that's the way little kids think. The weird perception of a young, innocent little girl, being sexually awakened by a strange, accidental, outside force. The garden hose.I made a.

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