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“MAKE IT STOP!” Alexis snapped her fingers, and the boys stopped cumming, trying to catch their breath. “Are you trying to kill us!?”“Nonsen...e, we just wish to serve humans and make them happy,” Lumiosa smiled. “Are your genitals too big?” She waved her hand, and the boys’ bits shrunk to a human, albeit large size.“Humans do tend to enjoy sex, don’t they?” Alexis asked. She took some of the boys’ cum on her finger, and swallowed it. “Mmm, yummy. Makes me want some more.”Alexis leant down, and. Unmaiyil athu suvaiyaaga iurnthathu, aanal naan athai sappi kudika villai thunguvathai polave nadithu irunthen pinbu thambi en aadaigalai anithu vittu sunniyai drowser kul vitu kondaan.Pinbu naan vaayil iruntha theanai sappi suvaithen, pinbu thambi tv paarthathil avan kaamamaagi thaan en mulai kuthiyai thadavi sunniyai vaayil vittu thean vara vaithaan endru ninaithu irunthen. Aanal andru irave en kuthiyil sunniyai vittu oopan endru ennaku theriya villai, amma veetirku vanthu. Her parents would be more than satisfied.Quickly she doffed her shoes, dropped her books in her room and looked for her mother. She found her, sniffling in the guest bedroom."Wow, Emma, that's great! We're going to have to go out to celebrate!" What's wrong, Mom? You're crying!" It's your Aunt Felicity. She was in a bad accident." Aunt Felicity was young, widowed and had a daughter about Emma's age named Melanie. Aunt Felicity also had the reputation as the family prude, being the only one. She has a big smile on her face.She reached down and stepped out of her panties, handing them to Brunie. She began slowly raising her skirt until her pussy was visible.“This is what you boys want, isn’t it?” she asked in a sultry voice.“Oh yes, Babe, we want it bad,” Blondie answered.“These boys have never had the pleasure of fucking a married woman, and that’s about to change,” Bobby said.He spoke to the two boys, “Once you’ve enjoyed a hot married whore, you won’t want to fuck those young.

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