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It took me about half an hour to finish my toilet and make tea. When I entered my study, I found her sitting at the desk, looking quizzically at my st...thoscope. I had kept it in a drawer long ago, and had almost forgotten that it existed. Rupa had somehow chanced upon it.I was thoroughly embarrassed, but Rupa didn’t seem to sense it. She was too curious about the thing to question the propriety of its existence in my house. When she saw me come in, she gave me a radiant smile and said, “It’s a. I silently agree that it must hurt. I touched it again, and Yates began staggering to get out of the way. ?Must I bind your ankles as well, Yates?? I asked sadly. ?I-I’m so sorry, Sir Headmaster? he said, with tears coursing down his round cheeks. ?Th-the pain from the poker?and the burns might do perm-permanent damage, sir.??Yes?or I could use the poker to burn out your eyes. Then you wouldn’t have to look at the burns on that tiny, worthless little dickie-bird of yours, dear boy.? I poked the. ..he just looked at her...as if she could read his mind she stated "Keep rubbing your cock and watch.." With a def movement she took the tip of the rubber dick between her lops, slowly sucking on it, taking it deeped into her mouth. Her eyes closed briefly in pleasure...he watched her, taking that fake dick in her mouth, working it in and out with skill, running her tounge over the shaft. His strokes with the towel were growing harder as her actions were exciing him. She removed the. Everything about you is just so perfect. I have to say that seeing you that night. Well I find myself become weak. The night you were saving Randy’s life it was just so phenomenal in more ways than one.’ He said with pride in his voice. ‘ Seeing you so focused so completely focused it’s caused me to realize just how wonderful you are.’ He said softy. Then he kissed me. Feeling his lips press upon mine I was thrown into a panic state. I panicked inside as my mind tried to keep me standing. What.

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