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Ye're safe from its effect - and by dining here, ye'vebroken the spell that's kept me trapped up here inside the mountain. Now Ican pass on me hammer ...o you - and my centuries of experience I give overto ye gladly, with me kiss!" With that, Iceheart gave him the hammer that was slung across his back likea piece of driftwood, which Enoch took gladly, and then kissed him on theforehead. "Enoch," he said, "ye're now an Honourary Troll - and no other troll canever hurt ye again. Farewell!" Enoch. “I don’t need anything but your hard cock in me,” she admonished him sternly, as she pulled her legs back as far as they would go. She guided his helmet to her tiny opening, and pushed forward against it, as he eased his cock head inside her parted lips. It slid into her juicy canal without much resistance, although it was a tight fit. “Oh, Mr. Brooks, I’ve wanted this for so long,” she confessed, “and it feels just as good as I thought it would!” Encouraged, the man started fucking the little. " Handing another glass to Betty she sat down in a chair opposite me. I gulped down the wine and sat waiting for something to happen. Betty took her glass of wine and said. " This wine is a very vintage, and its a very special Valentines Day for me, with that she saluted me as she and Claire clinked their glasses together. They both laughed and I was struck dumb, I found my self really woozy, "what was in that wine?" Betty smiled at me with her curious grin, "go to sleep now Jim and. I could feel her wetness dribble onto my balls as she slid herself to the tip and slammed back down onto my cock. In no time at all she started to hump harder and harder until her orgasm was finally achieved. She collapsed onto me, her chest rising and lowering in deep breathes she uttered the words, “more.” That’s when I wrapped my arms around her, holding her tight to my body. I poked my cock up and down finding her open slit and pushed it in. My friend who was quietly standing behind her.

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