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I planned to prepare for school in the fall in the next two weeks. I wanted the two days I had after scout camp and before football camp to be free fo... Kelly when she visited. I needed new clothes. The training I had done in the past year had the proper effect on me. Most of last year's clothing was a little tight. My shoulders were broader, my neck was thicker, and the muscles in my legs were thicker. I tipped the scales at a little over 200 pounds.My two year old sport coat was too small to. I'd known Sheena for years: we'd been at school together, only she wasn'tSheena then. Yes, she's been my best friend since I left the Army andwe've stood by each other through thick and thin.When Sheena walks into a room, she is the instant centre of attention:5'10" tall, slim, fantastic face and figure and long wavy golden hairthat hangs down her back, almost to her shapely and well padded arse.Sheena attracts attention like jam attracts wasps... Sometimes she getsstung and its me she comes. I adjusted myself underneath her, and pressed my lips against her clit, and sucked gently. She moaned ‘god…’ She rested her hand against the wall for support. She tasted so sweet. Just as I anticipated. I ran my tongue along her moist slit, taking in all her juices. I rested my hands on at her sides. And I slowly slid my tongue insider her, deep as I could. I slid my tongue out, and back inside, caressing her walls with my tongue. I kept my rhythm slow. Slowly in and slowly out. This drove. Aval thirumanam agiya pen enbathaal yaarum theriyamal anaivarum thungiyathum en udan pesuvaal, naan iravu 2 mani varai pesuvom. Pinbu avale good night solum varai naan vidamal pesikonde irupen, merlinai naan kathal seiya aarambithen.Ena ennai vida 16 vayathu periyaval avalavu thaan, merlin unaku ennai pidithu irukiratha endru ketal? Hey ena ipadi ketkiraai naan unakaaga en uyirai kuda koduka thayaraaga irukiren endren. Atharku nee ennai unmaiya love pana ennai anuba vaithu un lovevai kanbi.

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