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Everyone was very excited about going to see Momma and Marty's family. I got Davey, and Zepha got Lucy, and away we went.We arrived about 20 minutes b...fore we were to leave. I explained to Zepha and everyone else for that matter about how Marty and I would hold hands and hold everyone close together. After the explanation we had about 10 minutes to wait. "Marty, how is the price of gold now?" I asked."Dynamite," he answered, "around $700 per ounce." Great, I was able to trade for some a couple. She was well below Liz in disc sales and downloads but radio programmers loved her – mostly because she sang about the same things the men sang about.Melissa’s stage persona painted her as someone bold and brassy. I likened her to an exaggerated version of my friend Sarah. Her real-life demeanor was a mixture of vulgar and hateful. She had played a much smaller venue in Dallas two months earlier and had barely managed to sell the place out. Her first question was who Liz had bribed to sell so. She immediately told me that he and his friends are very old to enjoy these jokes. I immediately asked her, is he old in all aspects after asking this and I thought.I had made a mistake but the answer from the other end was a swift and he had been old since the last 5 years. She then asked about my family etc and asked to drop into their house some day with wife and kid. I immediately asked whether that meant I can come there only with family. She told not at all you are welcome even if you are. "Better your brother than some total stranger," laughed Tom. "Now go and find them for me. Better get us some refills, too, while you're up."She poured herself another big glassful and drank it down in one go, then refilled it again. By the time she sat back onto her husband's lap with the album, she could feel her head spinning slightly."There, will you look at that," she heard Tom say. "Now hasn't she got a cracking body?" Sure has," confirmed Bill. "Where are the topless ones then?" Near the.

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