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14th,2020Hello, It’s time for another update. My memory has been worse. Basically if it’s not written down then it probably doesn’t exist in my ...niverse. Errands, pick-up times, and that sort of thing. People tend to get pissy when you forget them twice in one day. All I can say is “I’m sorry. I’m not doing it on purpose.” It sucks.I have started a new universe called Warlord. It’s my version of fiddling as Rome burns. I can’t stop this and I’m becoming so aware of the present that I’m starting. But what he said next stunned me anymore. ‘I don’t know what you think, but that babies not mine. And you’ll never be able to pin it on me. I have a reputation in this town. I don’t father illegitimate children with some nobody painter. If you try to say any different, I can make life very difficult for you.’ The words stung beyond belief. All the time that he had been with me, had he been thinking of me this way? Just as some cheep inferior white trash piece of ass- another possession to. It was all for a good cause. She shook herself out of her reverie, and looked up. The red car was getting closer, and she knew that was her target. It was being driven by an older manhe was dressed casually, not wearing a suit and tie. Exactly the kind of man she could flirt with. Yes, until the red car got close enough, Toni knew she was safe to distract herself by watching Mark. Shed never even considered it before, but she somehow knew that under the shirt theyd given him for volunteering,. Nothing else in the world existed as she writhed and twisted beneath Tony's lust-crazed ravaging, all the obscenities known to her tormented and anguished mind burbling over her crazily working tongue. She realized dimly that she had somehow lost control because of the unusual amount of alcohol that must have been in Slim's "Sunshine Punch" she had drunk earlier that evening, but that was no excuse for the wantonness with which she was now responding to Tony's depraved assault on her lewdly.

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