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Then she started to unbutton her shirt. As she unbuttoned she thought about what it would be like to go to work without a bra. How erotic and scandalo...s it would be. As she thought about this her pussy began to get warm.With her shirt unbuttoned, she looked into the mirror as she took her shirt off. She had medium sized boobs but they were perky and gave good cleavage when she wanted to show them off. She reached behind her back and unclipped it. The bra sagged in front of her body and she let. She wouldn't want to be anywhere else, but ... Marcus just didn't look at her the way he did at Shawna. It was understandable, she knew. She didn't look at herself the way she looked at Shawna, but it still hurt."You OK?"Marcus' quiet voice cut in from the door where he leant up against the wooden surround, ankles and arms crossed."Yeah, why?"She stared at him in the mirror for a moment, feeling the slight quickening of her pulse as she realised he'd probably watched her getting dressed. Then. .” I looked over at the safe.Jamie hesitantly removed her bra and panties once again and got on the bed with her ass high, and her head resting on the bed. I moved over to her with the bag and camera I had brought with me. I got up behind her and took in the aroma of her sweet pussy moving my way up to her ass. I worked my tongue around her little bung. Causing her to gasp and whimper at the same time. I took a bottle of lube from the bag and put a few drops on my finger and squeezed a little. She told me that it feels so good and hot during this cold. Holding her tight my hands started playing with her clit and the other hand pressing her boobs. She started moaning in pleasure and her hand came back and holed my hard one in her hand. I went in front of her and sit down between her legs to kiss her pussy. She spread out her legs wide and holding my head she pulled me to her pussy. I started sucking her clit. Neetu then pushed off me and slid down to her knees. Slowly she undid my.

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