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He takes my hands and puts them around his neck again, his hand straying unerringly between my legs to feel for my readiness. I gasp at the coldness o... his fingers on my hot flesh, and I feel the slickness there. Seemingly satisfied at what he finds, he pulls me forwards so that I am sitting on the very edge of the stool. I am trembling with desire – he pauses for a moment, asking if I am alright, if he is being too rough, and I tell him I am fine. He leans down a little to pull my knees up,. About me, I am an average looking guy with short height 5’8 fair a bit chubby and good looking guy.It was a rainy season when I got some work from my dad for which I had to go shopping nearby. As I headed towards the shop it started drizzling.I ignored it and took my vehicle and left home. I hardly drove my bike for 10min when it started raining heavily. I was totally drenched and after some time it became very difficult for me to drive so I thought to take a halt nearby.But unfortunately, I. I was crazy for the two pair of sweetest boobs. Anyway cutting the story short I returned to my room and masturbated at those early hours of the day, because I had had some marvelous experiences of accidentally brushing against the chest of the duo. And I had noticed the duo not wearing any inners below the loose top they wore exposing the pin shaped nipples. When I was about to go to office, the younger of the duo sisters stopped me and enquired if her mother needed some more medicines and I. I pulled my cock out and drop to my knees again, this time aiming my tongue straight at her rosebud, "Oh we're going there again are we?" she said passionately.I didn't reply my mouth was far too busy as I take turns between tonguing her anus and cramming as many fingers as possible in there, I was now up to 4 which were sliding in and out quite easily with the amount of saliva and pussy juice to use.I pushed my fingers into a point with my thumb tucked in and tried to push my whole hand into.

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