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Then helped her get under the covers and I went back to the party. It was the next day that I saw the Kellers again and they invited me over. The minu...e I walked in Mrs. Keller pulled my pants down and started to suck my cock. Another minute and we were fucking away like no tomorrow. I spewed inside her and she seemed to like it. I went home. About a week later I over heard my mom talking to some of the other ladies from our street that Mrs. Keller was pregnant. They also said that her. Ritu followed his instructions and he started moving his magic fingers over his wife’s pussy. Ritu was like, “Mahesh, please stop, no no” and requested him to find a dark spot and stop the car to continue having fun but in a safe way.Mahesh took a small detour from the main highway and drove to the service road and finally, he stopped under a tree with no houses or people around.As soon as he stopped, he decided not to waste a single minute and right away turned towards Ritu and started kissing. Her head was tilted backward and her moans could not stop.I wanted to go down and kiss her navel but she asked (almost commanded) to stop and came over me. She started kissing my neck and removed my shorts and tee shirt within seconds. I was just in my underwear. She went on to kiss my nipples, licked them and kissed my penis from above the cloth.I was hard as hell and was waiting for her to remove my underwear and touch my penis. But she went below and kissed my legs. She was making me wait. . I don't mind the idea at all... but as I can see we are about to reach the town. I stop, sit up briefly checking to make sure I am not too mussed and we talk about what we would like for dinner, you quickly find the place we are to stop pulling into a small courtyard of a inn and we soon are in and being led up to our room. The bellboy is appreciative of your tip and leaves us alone.We set our things down, walking over to the window and look out to scenic mountains in the distance and closer.

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