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Working in the off-shore oil industry, I thought that this was the best field in which to start investing my money; working within the industry I was ...onnected to and in which I knew many people, from whom, from time to time, when they were in the mood, I could get some investment tips. So, my life was hard work, study, savings and little fun. I was twenty two and I promised myself to be rich at twenty five.Of course in a so rough work environment I was the laughing stock of my fellow workers. For the next three months, whether in the gold field or the cave, I thought about ways to answer those questions.Based on the timing, it seemed to me that whoever in the bank was talking could only have done so after I made my deposit and left. If I had enough men I could trust, it would be simple to have someone watch the bank and follow any employees who left the bank within thirty minutes of my departure. Unfortunately for me, the only man I felt I could trust in Santa Fe was Hiram. Somehow a dream has come true of which I never thought I had.” She said, “I must have been ‘Miss boredom’ all those previous years, no wonder my dates all gave up after the first date.”“Well, I wasn’t too much of fun either I recently realized, Debra, just mocking about without looking into the mirror.” “I Picked up some new clothes today to impress you with, I haven’t done that in ages. My previous relation usually did the selecting based upon my work and people I had to meet.”“I Can’t wait to. The bus ride was a little over an hour. My mind was on what my sister,Cassy, would think of me. Would she think I was cute or not. I hoped shewould.The moment of truth came. As the bus pulled into the camp I saw herstanding there. I took a deep swallow and stepped off the bus nearlyfalling on my ass because I was wearing high heels. Great minds thinkalike because so was she. It took her a second to recognize me but wewere soon hugging each other.She told me I was beautiful but did scold me a.

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